Mar 2, 2011

It's a BOY!!!!

Oh my, I am so unbelieveably excited now that we know that we are going to have a baby boy!! :-) I thought I wanted a girl more than anything, but now that I know it's a boy, I am super happy. I can't stop smiling today :-)

The ultrasound was yet again, amazing. There is nothing cooler than what you can see on the screen during it.

This whole time I've thought it was a girl, and then last night, I dreamt all night about baby boys. So by the time we started the ultrasound, I was convinced it was a boy. The ultrasound tech did all of the routine measurements and such, and then said "well, it's not a Brooke or Tenley," which are the two girls names that I liked the best :-) I saw Baby Swanson's "goods" before she even said anything. Zach was all smiles also. Maybe I can actually sleep tonight! I'm going to take a nice warm bubble bath and put on some pj's and make it an early night tonight. I am emotionally exhausted I think.

Enjoy the ultrasound pictures! Also, send any boy names our way if you have any!

For those of you who may not know what you're looking at here.. you are looking at the baby from under his bottom, as if he were sitting on the camera lens. He would be facing the left, the large horizontal part at the top is his left thigh, and right there in the middle where the arrow is pointing is his little "manhood." Isn't it cute?? :-)

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