Feb 20, 2012

Feb 16, 2012

Not to brag..

But I am currently down 18 pounds from five weeks ago. Okay so I'm bragging. But if you ask me, that's quite the accomplishment and I've been working hard at it. And I feel great about myself, for the first time in a long time. So, I'm happy.

Feb 15, 2012

Feb 14, 2012

Two Milestones..

In one day!! Okay, so one of them has been a long time coming and we weren't even sure that it was going to happen. We were sure he was going to skip rolling over all together and just get right to running. Well, yesterday e dropped his paci, and he just rolled right on over to get it! Once he rolled he wasn't incredibly happy about it but at least he finally did it!

The second thing is that he started sitting independently. Literally, this happened over night. As in, two days ago I was practicing with him like we have been and I actually told Zach that I thought he was getting worse at it. But all of the sudden, he was just sitting and playing and not tipping over.

Zach and I are so proud. We just look at each other and smile and can't understand how we could have been blessed with such an amazing gift. Sometimes, we literally set Brayden down and the two of us just lay next to him and stare at him. Baby life amazes us.

Next up, running? Haha, we wouldn't be surprised if he just stood and started running with how much he bounces and kicks those legs. that would be scary, huh?

A little update on the baby food. It's going so great. It's my favorite time of day. He usually gets his bottle when he wakes and then 1-2 hours later we have a baby food and some oatmeal. He gets bottles in between the food. I shoot for baby food three times a day. We've has avocado, bananas, butternut squash, sweet potatoes and now we are on carrots. He has just loved each one. I love it. Next up on the menu, peas, green beans and applesauce. After that, I think we are okay to stop introducing foods only one at a time. And the doctor said we are able to give him food off the table if it is mushed for him to eat. I think his favorite right now is bananas!

Here are some pictures of rolling over and sitting!

Feb 3, 2012


It's starting to snow. I'm hoping we wake up to white outside so that we can put Brayden in his little snow suit and stick him in the snow. Won't that be fun!?

Stay tuned for pictures if it happens!

Feb 2, 2012

First baby food!

The first baby food I made and Brayden ate was avocados. A whole two days ago. The first taste went pretty well, but all in all I thought he hated it. But since then, he has been gobbling it down like a champ. I just love it!! I can't wait to give him different things. We introduce a new food every four days to be able to see if he has any allergic reactions. Next up, sweet potatoes! I also bought some sweet potato puffs, so I can't wait to put them on his tray and see him grab it and eat it. I will just die. I'm so proud!

I love avocados!


Into ice cubes trays to freeze. I popped them all out and put each different food in a freezer ziploc bag, then we just pull out however many cubes to feed him!

Happy baby!!

annnd... 12 pounds later!

That's right. I've lost 12 pounds in three weeks thanks to the Ideal Protein Diet. I feel great and the results I'm seeing just keep me that much more motivated..which can be really difficult working at Starbucks surrounded by delicious but unhealthy things! The only downside, it's not that great on my bank account :-) Look at my new shirt! I'm obsessed with lace!