Feb 2, 2012

First baby food!

The first baby food I made and Brayden ate was avocados. A whole two days ago. The first taste went pretty well, but all in all I thought he hated it. But since then, he has been gobbling it down like a champ. I just love it!! I can't wait to give him different things. We introduce a new food every four days to be able to see if he has any allergic reactions. Next up, sweet potatoes! I also bought some sweet potato puffs, so I can't wait to put them on his tray and see him grab it and eat it. I will just die. I'm so proud!

I love avocados!


Into ice cubes trays to freeze. I popped them all out and put each different food in a freezer ziploc bag, then we just pull out however many cubes to feed him!

Happy baby!!

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