Nov 15, 2011

Shopping carts and car seats

Someone needs to invent a shopping cart that is actually appropriate to set a car seat on. I hate going to the store and putting Brayden's car seat up on top of the shopping carts. Every mom has done it and it's just not safe. The only place that they actually sit nicely is at Babies R Us..but that should be a given at a baby store, right? The worst place is at Wal-mart. If I only need to pick up a few things, I will put the car seat down in the bottom big part of the cart, but on days like today when I am making a full grocery trip, I can't really do that. But it's always made me very nervous. I walk with my index fingers and thumbs holding onto the car seat and the cart at the same time so, god forbid, if it were to shift, I would be able to stop it.

Today was a shopping trip like any other. I was heading out of the store and the sidewalks are so crappy and bumpy. We went over one bump and the car seat slide to one side, crushing my hand in between it and the cart. If I hadn't already had my hand there holding it, the car seat could have likely tipped right off the cart. Thankfully, that didn't happen, but I was panic stricken nonetheless. I immediately started bawling..but what else is new. It scared me so much.

I called Zach when I got into the car and told him what happened, and he started saying that Brayden is okay and next time we will do the grocery shopping together so that we don't have to put the car seat on top of the cart. That definitely scared me someone needs to invent a better shopping cart.

Nov 13, 2011

Ain't that sweet

Zach and are lying in bed and he rolls over and says to me "do you want to know what I was just thinking?"

And I say, "I didn't know you thought about stuff when you're in bed."

"Well I was just thinking about that day that I came home from work and you told me you were pregnant and how small Brayden was then."

Aww. Isn't that sweet?

Our boy has grown so much.