Mar 24, 2013

Attempt at a photo shoot

My husband isn't too keen on allowing me to take Brayden to get photos taken at a studio where they charge an arm and a leg.  It's understandable, but sometimes you just want those cliche holiday or milestone photos.  I have experience in photography myself, but not studio photography.  Today we gave an attempt at an Easter photo with Brayden.  Aside from a toddler not wanting to sit still for more than one third of a second, my "backdrop" was a white bed sheet (which works pretty decently) except when you have it hanging from the mantel by Yankee candles setting on it.  Yeah, you can picture that.  Of course they came tumbling down after ten minutes along with one of my hand made pottery bowls, which shattered.  I wasn't too broken hearted.  I was more broken hearted that it just didn't really work out.  Maybe we will give it another shot some other time.  Here is what I came out with...still a handsome guy!

And the last one is where it all came tumbling down! Love my boy!

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