Mar 13, 2012

Sweet Summer

With the nice weather so quickly approaching, I have to wonder if our lack of winter and early March "summer" weather is a result of global warming. A good friend posted on Facebook today, saying sure, who doesn't love the great weather, but don't forget about our ozone layer!

My first thought was, "I don't really care, by the time that becomes an issue (and forgive my ignorance because I know that there are actually issues resulting from our depleting ozone, I just don't know what exactly) I won't be on the planet anymore." And I don't mean that in a way to say that I don't care about the environment, because I really do. I can't throw anything that should be recycled in the trash can without feeling bad.

And then as I was showering this morning, I realized that it does matter to me what the world is like once I'm gone... Because my son will be living in it. And then a slight feeling of nauseous spread through my stomach as I thought about the possibilities of our future planet that is to be my child's present.

It's crazy what motherhood does to you and the way you see things.

Mar 10, 2012

Lots of "firsts" happening

The past couple of weeks have brought on a lot of "firsts" for Brayden. I can't believe how big he is getting and how he is growing and changing every day! He's started standing by holding himself up on something. He started feeding himself finger foods (which I am exceptionally excited about). And, his first tooth is making it's appearance.

Brayden has always seemed to have really strong legs from the beginning. He used to kick the crap out of my tummy before he was even born. He loves to kick and push with his legs and he especially loves jumping in his jumper. So now, instead of sitting on your lap he wants to stand and bounce. Or as we say, do baby squats. Here are a couple of pictures of him standing (he can't pull himself up yet, I stood him there). Isn't his chunk adorable?

The reason that I am really excited about him being able to feed himself finger foods is because a lot of times he gets really impatient when I am preparing his food, so I can hand him a little finger food and he can keep himself happy with that. Also, when we are out shopping if he gets fussy, one of these apple wheels keeps him occupied and satisfied for the time being.

Feeding himself an apple wheel. He loves these!

Little chunk standing at his new toy.

He's never in the same place in the crib when he wakes up. He's scooting and moving around!

Super baby! He loves this game!

Standing with daddy.

Update on second flight

As great and easy as Brayden's first flight was back in November, I was still nervous about flying by myself with him a couple of weekends ago. It turns out, I had good reason to be. On top of encountering every flight problem imaginable (almost), he was just grumpy. He was fussy and cranky and it just made for a very miserable travel experience. I actually had people coming up to me asking if they could offer any assistance, on more than one occasion. Between the fussy baby and his momma's full arms, people wanted to help. I was grateful, but of course refused any help like that from strangers in an airport. All that said, the trip was worth it for my best friends bridal shower and bachelorette party. We had a great day and I wouldn't take it back for the world. Brayden got to spend some quality time with his aunts and grandparents and was generally a happy baby except when it came time to sleep. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Brayden looking like a prince on the second flight. He slept the entire time since he was so restless on the first one. This was before we took off. Of course, he was in my lap the whole time, and good thing because the turbulence was not like anything I've ever experienced and he slept through it all.

Having fun with Nana while we waited for our suitcase to arrive five hours after we did.

Auntie Mandy

Hanging with Aunt Bon.

My mom will probably kill me for putting this picture on here, but at least it's not on facebook, right?! Brayden was exceptionally hard to put to sleep while we were back home, but he eventually fell asleep right in bed with my mom and I had to get a picture.

Having fun at Justine's shower with Aunt Bonnie!

All of the bridesmaids got dressed in toilet paper by the shower guests. Mine was pretty good!

Me and Justiney out for her bachelorette party!