Mar 13, 2012

Sweet Summer

With the nice weather so quickly approaching, I have to wonder if our lack of winter and early March "summer" weather is a result of global warming. A good friend posted on Facebook today, saying sure, who doesn't love the great weather, but don't forget about our ozone layer!

My first thought was, "I don't really care, by the time that becomes an issue (and forgive my ignorance because I know that there are actually issues resulting from our depleting ozone, I just don't know what exactly) I won't be on the planet anymore." And I don't mean that in a way to say that I don't care about the environment, because I really do. I can't throw anything that should be recycled in the trash can without feeling bad.

And then as I was showering this morning, I realized that it does matter to me what the world is like once I'm gone... Because my son will be living in it. And then a slight feeling of nauseous spread through my stomach as I thought about the possibilities of our future planet that is to be my child's present.

It's crazy what motherhood does to you and the way you see things.

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