Jan 3, 2011

First Ultrasound!!

Baby Swanson is 12 weeks 5 days!

We thought we were 11 weeks, but the measurements during the ultrasound showed Baby Swanson larger than expected. Our due date is now July 13th! See below for the pictures.

Here is Baby Swanson's profile view. We love this picture! I can't stop looking at it :-)

This is a view from the top of the baby. You can see the head, and an arm extending in front of the body.

Here is the front view, looking straight on at the face. It's very skeletal/alien looking, haha. You can make out his/her little face. We definitely love the profile view the most!

This whole ultrasound experience was amazing. Words can't describe what it was like to see this little person that is inside of me on the screen. We were able to see the little heart beating (you can see the heart in the last two photos), and also hear it. It was loud and clear at 157 BPM. Zach and I were both pretty amazed and speechless. I was sure I would cry (because I've cried in the past just thinking about it - hormones!), however, there were none. Momma and baby are both healthy.

Hopefully Zach will make a post to let you all know how he felt about this amazing experience. Please leave comments!

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