Jan 12, 2011

14 weeks - update

This week Baby Swanson is about the size of a lemon!

Some of this weeks developments the baby include: squinting, frowning, sucking his thumb, and peeing! Did you know that the amniotic fluid the baby floats in is made up of mostly his urine? I read that in a baby book, kind of gross to think about!! :-)

This past week has been great for me. I threw up my breakfast on Saturday, but for no reason in particular, I was not nauseous and was able to go on through the day with ease. Other than that, I have felt great. I have more energy now and I've started going back to the gym this week. Zach and I finally made a trip to the grocery store tonight, so I will be in the kitchen cooking dinner again..now that I can eat it!! :-) Very exciting!

Zach has been very good to me. I've only had one or two cravings (sushi and Reeses Puffs haha - don't worry, no raw sushi!!) and he has been happy to run out and get those for me on these cold days. What a good man :-)

Do you think the kitties know that I have a baby inside me? Leo has been lying directly on my stomach every night while I sleep. He used to cuddle every now and then, but never on my stomach and not for the whole night like he seems to do now.

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  1. I love reading your blog. Makes me think about my pregnancy! It's funny that you're craving Reeses - that was my biggest love too. That's how I actually found out I was pregnant - I went to work and ate a whole candy bar - knew something was up! :)

    And YES, I definitely think cats know! Kitty hardly left my side! I think that's so cute Leo's sleeping on your belly - keeping that little peanut warm at night!

    Glad you're feeling good. Big hugs & belly rubs!