Jan 26, 2011

16 weeks - update

This week baby Swanson is the size of an avocado. 4 1/2 inches! In the next few weeks, the baby will double in weight and length. Now her legs are more developed, head is more erect, and her eyes have moved closer to the front of her head. The ears are also in their final position. She's even started growing toenails!! How cute!

Our next appointment is on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited, although I don't believe that we will have an ultrasound.

How cute was Zach's post below?

Here's the 16 weeks belly photo.

I still haven't gained any weight. Maybe, just maybe a pound, but that could be food or water or whatever, so I don't really know. I think that my stomach has grown though. It seems that my whole belly is sort of popping out and not the lower part like I see in most people's "belly photos." Maybe that's because I didn't exactly start out with a flat stomach haha! I'm ready for it to look like a real baby bump!

I've been feeling much better still. Every now and then I get sick, but it doesn't seem to last. I still have trouble eating very much at one time, but then I feel hungry all of the time. I've started carrying nutrigrain bars and snacks like that with me so I can eat something when I get hungry.

All in all everything is good!

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