Mar 6, 2013

NYC - Wicked!

This past weekend was eventful to say the least.  Our original plan was for our friends Kim and Seth to come to our house Friday evening to stay, and then we would all take the train into the city on Saturday morning.  Wouldn't my luck have it that I woke Friday morning and promptly barfed.  Pregnant, you say?  Not this time.  I wish that was the reason.  I have no idea what it was, but I was so sick all day.

Kim and Seth decided to stay in Bethlehem Friday night with plans to meet Zach and I in the city Saturday morning if I was well.  If I was not, then Seth would take my ticket and they would go to Wicked without me, and our hotel would just go to waste as it was nonrefundable.

My mom and aunt arrived in Avon around 1 p.m. Friday and I was still sick in bed.  Momma's present always makes her child better.  I threw up one last time, stuffed some pretzels down my throat, showered and forced myself to go out for some fresh air.  Saturday morning I woke, not feeling the best, but enough to hop on the train to the city.

Zach and I took the New Haven train into grand central station at about 9:30 a.m.  We dropped our bags at the hotel, grabbed a coffee and did a little shopping until our friends arrived.  Then, we all did a little more shopping, found a place for NYC pizza, and headed to the show.  The boys dropped us at the theater and went on over to the Brooklyn Brewery. 

Once Kim and I sat down in our seats, fifteen minutes didn't pass before I was scolded three separate times by the same usher woman.  First, my coat was hanging too far off the back of my seat.  Next, my bag was supposed to have been stuffed "airplane style" under my seat and not at my feet.  And finally, the strap of my purse should be off the floor or someone might trip.  Good grief lady.

WICKED...was WICKED!! We just loved it.  I was nearly crying by the end, and Kim was!  Magnificant.  There are not more words for me to describe how amazing the show was. 

Note to self:  see more broadway.

Later, we had dinner at a perfect little Italian restaurant right down the street from the hotel, and found a Penn State Alumni bar from there.  Here, on two different occasions, a passerby came crashing into our table, one more memorable than the other.  The fellow ended up buying a round of drinks and our appetizer to make up for soaking our boys with his beer.  He preceded to stay for a game he invented where he asked us "couples" questions to see who knew who better, forgot his debit card, and when we thought he was gone for good, bought us another round of drinks from the street! 

All in all, we had a great time.  Zach and I were both under the weather.  He had a terrible cold and I was still recovering from my "24 hour bug."  I'm so happy to be so close to the city.  It's always an exciting time for short trips.  Here are a couple of photos from the weekend..

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