Jan 4, 2012

Stay at home mommy-hood

Just like everyone always said, being a mom is a full time job. Being a part time stay at home mom and a part time barista is challenging and I find it really difficult to find time for every day things such as errands, cleaning, laundry and just taking care of myself. Part of the problem (I think), is that Brayden sleeps until 8-9 and sometimes even 10 a.m. Like this morning, we both slept until 10 a.m. I don't set an alarm because I just let Brayden wake me every morning. Then from there it's pumping, feeding him and myself, playtime (because he's at his best in the morning), me trying to workout and shower before 2. This doesn't usually happen. It's nearly impossible for me to get out of the house before 1 unless I get up and shower right away and skip everything else except for feeding the baby.

I've decided to take a different approach to stay at home mommy-hood. I'm going to treat it like a job rather than a reason to sleep in and stay in my jammies all day. Brayden will still sleep until whenever he wants and I will get up at 7 everyday and take care of myself so by the time he wakes, I can take care of him and have time to work out at my leisure rather than trying to rush through it in order to get to work or out to run errands. Hopefully this will help me to get more done and not feel like so much of a waste. Also, because I feel like a terrible wife when Zach comes home from work and starts the dishwasher or something. I've been home all day, why didn't I do that? I quite honestly didn't feel like I had the time. But maybe if I got up at the same time everyday I would have more time.

So, that's the plan.

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