Jul 31, 2012

Brayden Turns ONE!!!

Well, my boy is one.  I can't even believe it!  Where did the last year go?  Wasn't it just a few months ago that I was laboring for nearly 24 hours to bring this beautiful baby into our world??  Apparently not.

We celebrated Brayden's birthday with a Seusstastical event!!  I planned for months and the party went off without a hitch!! .. except for a few missing guests and a few melting cake items because of the nearly 100 degree temperature.  All in all, the party was exactly how I had pictured it.

The food ideas and other random things were ideas that I came up with on my own or tweaked from other ideas that I found on the internet. 

Dr. Seuss inspired printables were courtesy of Modern Bebe on Etsy:

Cookies were courtesy of Rollin in Dough bakery on Etsy:


Brayden with his cake on his actual birthday

Poem that I glued on the inside of the Happy Birthday to You book

"guest book"

During setup

Gift table

balloons and hats

Birthday Boy..he just woke up from a nap

Cupcakes, cake pops and smash cake courtesy of Creme Cupcake in Des Moines


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