Jul 2, 2012

Weddings and more...!

This has been and is continuing to be the busiest and most expensive year of our lives. On top of the second half of our son's first year of life, we have had event after event after event... Whew! 

Brayden is just down for his nap this morning and it just hit me that his first birthday is next week! After getting over my minor panic attack of this realization, I decided I wanted to write down all that has been filling our calendar this year. Here goes nothing... (italicized events are ones that we will not attend). There are few showers or other smaller events that we don't yet have dates for that are not on this list.

-Justine's wedding shower and bachelorette party weekend (Williamsport, Pa)
-Sarah's wedding shower (Chicago, IL)

-Justine and Steve's wedding (Williamsport, PA) - bridesmaid

-Abby and Derrick's wedding (Memphis, TN)
-Sarah's bachelorette weekend (Egg Harbor, WI)

-Sarah and Scott's wedding (Decorah, IA)

-Jamie's shower and bachelorette party weekend (Pittsburgh, PA)
-Gary and Sharon visit Iowa
-Shea and Darin's wedding (North Carolina)
-Garret's bachelor party weekend (New York City, NY)

-Brayden's first birthday party!!!!! (Des Moines, IA)
-Connie, Bill, Amanda, and Bonnie visit Iowa
-Michelle's shower (Texas)

-Jamie and Dustin's wedding (Pittsburgh, PA) - bridesmaid
-Joe's bachelor party (Dallas, TX)
-Connie, Bonnie and Amanda visit Iowa
-Nicole and Joel's wedding (Montgomeryville, PA)

-Libby and Greg wedding (Edinboro, PA)
-Garret and Jenna wedding (New York City, NY) - groomsman
-Joe and Michelle wedding (Dallas, TX) - best man and ring bearer
-Ashley's 27th birthday

-Katie and Josh wedding (Des Moines, IA) -?
-Mandy's 30th birthday (Disney)

-Zach's 28th birthday

-Seth's 30th birthday party (PA) - ?
-Christmas (PA)

I'm definitely forgetting a couple of things somewhere, I know it. It's only July, so I'm sure that there will be more things added to the second half of our calendar this year.. Whew! I think we're ready for a calmer 2013...

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