Oct 13, 2011

Changing Focus

Hello again!

Now that baby is here and I am no longer pregnant, I am changing the focus of my blog. I've obviously taken some off (ahem, trying to get some sleep), but I've decided it could be fun to chronicle my first time mommy adventures. This comes from a suggestion from my sister because she seems to think that the stories I have to tell are entertaining. Now that Brayden is turning three months (are you kidding me?!), we've gotten into a routine that seems to work and I may be able to sit in front of the computer a few minutes a day to write.

By the way, I don't even recognize myself in that picture in my previous post of Zach, me and Brayden right after he was born. Apparently 21 hours of labor will make you all puffy like that! Eek!

More blog posts to follow. For now, look how cute...

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