Oct 18, 2011

Itching for Relief

Well, cutting milk out of my diet completely has not done anything for Brayden's skin. I feel so bad. I think it's getting worse. He has been miserable and I know that it is itching him. He rubs his head back and forth when he's lying down and when he gets his nails on his head and realizes he's scratching, he goes at it and then ends up bleeding. He's been sleeping a lot during the day and not playing as much. When he wakes up from his naps he immediately starts crying.

I called the doctor back today to let them know and they referred me to a dermatologist. We have an appointment on Thursday for him. I hope we can figure out what this is so we can make him feel better. It just breaks my heart.

On another note.. the kitties chewed through the cord to our baby monitor (while it was plugged in and charging!). Now we have no way to charge the monitor, so I've been sleeping in the nursery with Brayden until we get the replacement part in the mail. It's taking like TWO WEEKS! Ugh.

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