Dec 9, 2012

eMeals #5 - Salisbury steak and salad

So our friends Matt and Christi introduced us to this email subscription called eMeals. You sign up based on how many months you want to up to a year for only $60/year. I only signed up for three months because I didn't know if we would actually do it. You also choose the size of your family. I chose two because Brayden really just eats tidbits of what we are
eating. And then you choose the plan.. Low carb, low fat, clean eating, etc... I chose low carb, for no particular reason, I just wasn't sure which one to choose.

Tonight was the fifth meal we did. We're doing 4-5 meals a week out of the 7 they send you. I work two nights a week and there's usually a quick meal or a fend for yourself night, depending. The great thing besides the healthy meal options is that the previous PDFs that you've received are alway available for reference. AND you also get the shopping list which makes it really easy. Usually most of the ingredients are used for more than one meal, so there is less waste as well.

Tonight was Salisbury steak and a salad. I'm following the recipes straight up and the salad was romaine with onions and red pepper and Zach won't eat that so he had peas lol.

I thought it would be fun to post after each meal with a picture and a rating from both of us and Brayden.

Me- a little too salty, but I like the steak and mushrooms. Salads are always simple and yummy. I used creamy poppyseed dressing.
Zach- really flavorful. Likes the mushrooms better than the peas
Brayden- he ate some mushrooms and steak and even some red pepper from the salad. He loved the pepper!

Difficulty- really simple

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