Dec 2, 2012

So long Iowa

Wow.. I'm really bad at writing in this blog. I think about it a lot but then I never get around to sitting down and writing. I'll tell you one thing.. We've had a crazy year. I'm so looking forward to a slightly less eventful 2013.

My dreams have finally come true! Zach accepted a new job (after what seemed like a grueling search) in Simsbury, Connecticut. This is 3-5 hours from his parents and mine respectively... Depending on how fast you drive and the traffic. This is.. Well it's hard for me to put into words the way it makes me feel. Excited, nervous, relieved, overwhelmed. And I've been so busy that I'm not even sure I've been able to feel those feelings. Has it really sunk in that I could jump in the car and see my parents in 4 hours? ...probably not.

After all the complaining I did and depressing thoughts I had about being stuck in Iowa so far away from everyone I cared about, I never thought that I would be sad to leave. I never really understood that we had actually created roots there. We were married when we lived there. We created our first home there, owned our first pets there. Our son was born in Des Moines. That will always be his birth place. That's so weird. Iowa? And it's so exciting to think about going back to visit in the future.

And now here we are in Connecticut. Closer to everyone we care the most about, but now also so far away from some that have grown to be so special in my heart. But I'm so happy. So happy that we don't have to jump on a plane to go home for Christmas.. And that my mom can jump in her car to come see us for a weekend because she won't get on a plane.

June 1 2013-- Krista and Rashawn wedding (bridesmaid and ring bearer)
June 22 2013-- Kristen and Patrick wedding (bridesmaid)
August ?? 2013-- sunset beach

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