Apr 21, 2011

Hello 3rd Trimester!!!

Uhh, I forgot to take a belly picture yesterday to post it because yesterday was the first day of our third trimester!! How exciting! :-) We will take a picture tonight and I will be sure to post it soon.

On a different note, my parents are on their way to Des Moines to see us right now! They left Pa at about 5:00 est this morning and should be getting to our house tonight around 7. We are very excited to have some visitors and I'm sure my mom and dad will be happy to see us (and their little grandson).

Tomorrow we have an appointment at this place called Prenatal Vision. It's basically a clinic to have ultrasounds "for fun." They have different packages with varying pricing. You get so many minutes of an ultrasound, 2D, 3D, and 4D* with some print outs and a DVD with lots of pictures and a slide show to music. You can also take up to ten people with you. Since my parents are going to be here, we thought it would be fun to do. Neither of them have ever seen an ultrasound because "back in the day" the doctors didn't do them. So this will be their first glimpse at their baby grandson :-) It's a shame that both sets of grandparents aren't nearby so we could do that with everyone there. How cool would that be?

*You may ask yourself, what is 4D? Actually at our first doctor's appointment, Zach asked the nurse the same question. He told her there is no such thing as 4D (haha). She told us that it is basically live video of the baby inside the womb. So if he's sucking his thumb or hiccupping, we will be able to watch it like he's on a video camera. Look for pictures soon!!!

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